Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mounting the bicycle freewheel on the grinder

In order to attach the chain and cranks to the drive shaft of the grinder I had to machine a piece of metal that fit on to the drive shaft and threaded to a bicycle freewheel gear set. Using the Evergreen Machine Shop and the help of a fellow student and machining genius, Jimmy, I machined a piece of steel rod to fit on to the drive shaft and lock on with a key. This process involved using various tools, some of which I would like to highlight below.

Here is my ode to the dial calipers. This instrument is for measuring and it is more precise than I ever thought I would need. However, when machining parts, precision is like popeye's canned spinach.
This is a lathe. This machine really opened my eyes to the possibilities of machining. It also made me realize how extremely dangerous it is. Luckily, Jimmy was there to make sure I didn't mangle myself.
Here is a picture of the lathe taking a cut while I was machining the threads.

Here is what the grinder looks like with the gears mounted on the drive shaft.

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