Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beyond Bicycles

Here is me and Kev Dogg taking some photos to be displayed at the Beyond Bicycles Art Show in Oakland California. There is also an e-zine being created about the projects, found here. The show features human-powered machines, bicycle-based inventions, and interactive kinetic sculpture. The photos are courtesy of Duncan Marsh, thanks for all the help Duncan.

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  1. Hey there, thank you for this blog! I have been obsessed with human/bike powered machines for some time. Compatible tech is awesome! So much potential for the developing world as well as the developed some day soon. You are making it happen man. I would appreciate it if you could fill me in on about how long it took to get your welding skills up to par with altering bike frames. I am an engineering student and would like to squeeze in some welding and maybe even some machining classes over the summers but am not sure if it would not be more effective to find someone with welding experience. Thanks for any info!